Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving break

Well, Thanksgiving break is almost over :( after 9 days of no school, it's gonna be a challenge getting up at 6 am tomorrow. At least there's only 3 and a half weeks left of this semester, and then there's Christmas break. :)

My thanksgiving was pretty average, we didn't go anywhere, just stayed home and ate turkey. And i've been sick. All week. My break, and i'm sick the whole time. Fun.

On top of that, i've had studying to do all week. ACT studying...yeah.

Yep. ACT. December 8th. Less than two weeks. I'm scared. Everyone says i'll do fine but i'm nervous. >.<

You may be thinking..."wait, she's a freshman, why is she nervous about ACT?"

Well my friends, i'm applying to an advanced high school, called LSMSA. Yeahhhh, fancy university name. It's almost like college, the classes are college level, but the students are high school age. It's even on a college campus, NSU's campus. Big and scary stuff.

Well, they expect the score to be in around the 20's. I'm hoping for a 23 at least, but i'll be happy with just a 20 or 21.

I really want to get in this school...but on another note, i'll miss my school. I'll miss a lot of people, but hey, i'll meet new ones too.

Either way, i'm gonna be happy. Cause i know God has a plan for me, and everything will go as planned.
I'm just so dang anxious. >.<

Have fun going back to school y'all,

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

I made friends with the New Kid

So I'm single now ;P

I needed someone to sit with at lunch, so I sat with the friends I used to sit with at the beginning of school. There was a new guy at the table. I sat there for a while, wanting to ask him what his name was, but eventually he introduced himself for me. :)
He was like, "Hi, I'm Jordan" I said "Hey, I'm Lindsay." and my friend Jacob said, "No, her name is Crazy" Lol, I irritate Jacob, I think. He's really shy, so I say random stupid things to him and always try to get him to talk to me. Anyway, me and Jordan were talking for pretty much all of lunch. It turns out we had a lot in common. Like, a LOT. It was crazy. A little before the bell rang, he said, "you know, I really feel a connection between us" I said "Aw I felt it too" And I really did. I looked him in the eyes and it was like our souls reached out and connected.  He said, "You know, maybe someday, we could try something..." I said, "like what?" He said, "Maybe...dinner or something? I want to get to know you better" I think I might take him up on that eventually.

I don't know if I like like him, but I definitely found me a new guy to hang out with :)
What was crazy is that me and my ex just broke up today, and I meet a new guy like 3 hours later.

God, you are crazy. I'll never understand your plans but I know you have them.

I'll tell you what, I'm glad that I'm not the one in control of my life.

So anyway, When the bell rang, Jordan didn't know where the trash cans were, so I took his tray and threw it away for him. He was like, "That is the man's job!" And I said, "well if you really want to be a man, you can carry my backpack for me" And he actually took it and carried it for me lol. I was surprised. I was like "You're really gonna do it? I was kidding!" And he was like "this is what gentlemen do for ladies"

Aw :) I have a new friend. I'm sitting with him at lunch tomorrow for sure :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My week :)

My week...was great! It went by so dang fast. Yesterday it felt like it was Tuesday instead of Friday. What made it go by so fast? Maybe cause it was such a good week :) To start my week, over the weekend, a guy I've had a crush on for a while said he liked me, and we started going out. Yay! ^_^ So on Monday, it was freezing cold outside, and when I first saw him, I ran up to hug him, and he hugged me so so tight. I died of happiness right then. I spent as much time as I could with him all week, that's probably why it went by so fast. I had a really really easy week in all my classes too. In algebra, we barely did anything all week, the lessons were too easy, on Tuesday we played battleship with coordinate plane graphs lol. And we got to pick our partners, my bf sits directly across from me, guess who I picked? ;)

In theatre we just had to define words and stuff most of the week, and Thursday and Friday, we just watched a movie.

PE was kind of tough though, we played basketball, which I am sooooo awful at haha. And Thursday we had to do a mile test. I did mine in 10 mins. 38 sec.Which I'm kinda disappointed in, but I was the second one to finish.

Geography was just average, we did the same stuff we normally do. Label maps, write notes, stuff like that. O, we did have to write our names in Cyrillic, which is the written language of Russia. It was pretty fun :)
My bf has the same geography class that I have, but he has it 4th block and I have it 1st, so the day after we wrote our names, when I saw him in second block, he showed me that he wrote my Cyrillic name on his arm. Awwz :)

Okay, I'm gonna quit now or else I'm just gonna go on and on and on about my boyfriend lol.

Later, y'all.