Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving break

Well, Thanksgiving break is almost over :( after 9 days of no school, it's gonna be a challenge getting up at 6 am tomorrow. At least there's only 3 and a half weeks left of this semester, and then there's Christmas break. :)

My thanksgiving was pretty average, we didn't go anywhere, just stayed home and ate turkey. And i've been sick. All week. My break, and i'm sick the whole time. Fun.

On top of that, i've had studying to do all week. ACT studying...yeah.

Yep. ACT. December 8th. Less than two weeks. I'm scared. Everyone says i'll do fine but i'm nervous. >.<

You may be thinking..."wait, she's a freshman, why is she nervous about ACT?"

Well my friends, i'm applying to an advanced high school, called LSMSA. Yeahhhh, fancy university name. It's almost like college, the classes are college level, but the students are high school age. It's even on a college campus, NSU's campus. Big and scary stuff.

Well, they expect the score to be in around the 20's. I'm hoping for a 23 at least, but i'll be happy with just a 20 or 21.

I really want to get in this school...but on another note, i'll miss my school. I'll miss a lot of people, but hey, i'll meet new ones too.

Either way, i'm gonna be happy. Cause i know God has a plan for me, and everything will go as planned.
I'm just so dang anxious. >.<

Have fun going back to school y'all,

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