Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday :D

Finally the weekend! I'm so glad. school is so tiring. I had an algebra test yesterday, I think I did okay :/
When I'm doing classwork or homework, I can always get everything right. But when I take tests, I always forget how to do things. Bleh. Whatever.

School was kinda boring yesterday. Fridays are always boring cause the teachers are obviously ready for the weekend, and they give you an hour to do something that takes 20 minutes, just so they can be lazy :P
We barely did anything in Geography, only did a test in algebra, and it took me like a half hour, so I had an hour to just do nothing, in PE it was raining so we didn't do much. And Fridays in PE always suck cause we have free days, which mostly consist of sitting on the bleachers doing nothing after we run the track. And in theatre, we didn't do much, class was cut short cause we had a pep rally. We won the game :D 42-27 I didn't actually go to the game though cause it was freeeeeeezing yesterday. And I was wearing a skirt at school cause I only have one pair of uniform pants, and it's been warm all week so I had NO idea it would be cold. I love the cold though, it gives me an excuse to hug the guy I like ;D
Louisiana winters happen like this every year, it's 75 degrees out one day, and then the next, BAM. it's in the 40's and stays like that for a couple months. The seasons are crazy too, it's like the hotter the summer is, the colder the winter will be. This winter may not be that cold cause in the summer, it only got above 100 a
couple times. It stayed in the 90's mostly.

I hope we get snow this winter :D Snow is somewhat rare, so I love when we actually get it.

I have no homework! Yayyyyy :D I thought I was gonna have homework a lot, but surprisingly, I hardly ever do. The only class I ever really have homework in is algebra, and I usually finish it in class. I only have to do it at home maybe twice a week. And this week I didn't have any. School is so much easier than I thought it would be. I make A's and I don't ever study. I only study when we have time in class.

Study tip:

The one thing I do put extra effort into is my algebra vocab test. Every chapter, we have a test on the vocabulary words. It's usually 18-20 words or so. Every time we have them, I write the definitions down on paper in rainbow ordered marker. Seriously. Rainbow. It works. I NEVER write them all just in pencil. I take about 45 minutes of my time at home to write them all in marker in the colors and order of the rainbow.  People think I'm crazy and childish for doing this, but when you're studying the words, it somehow makes it a million times easier to remember them.

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